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The empirical probability of the occurrence of the events is determined as the ratio between the number of type A events that happened and the total number of observed events.
Of these, 392 were nonzero values, resulting in an empirical probability of 46.
9) Each cell in Table 2 lists the empirical probability of victory for a team with quality (i.
Forth is keener on the ebu gogo's empirical probability, and the remainder of the chapter is concerned with report-like recounting of minute detail of different versions of the same narrative, comparison with different versions of related narratives, and analysis based on ethno-linguistic material and genealogical calculations as to when this event took place: before, after, or simultaneously with a volcanic eruption in 1830.
Our goal in this study is to expand on this earlier work by calculating the empirical probability of detecting lynx based on snow-track surveys in areas of known presence.
Examples include Good and Mayer (1975) and Chamberlain and Rothchild (1981); see Gelman, Katz, and Bafumi (2004) for a review of such methods and their relation to computing the empirical probability of decisiveness.
Assumption 4, which implies that the distribution of the default time [tau] will remain the same under the empirical probability measure P and the martingale measure Q, is required to allow the use of databases containing information about default probabilities in our empirical analysis.
The scientists propose the curious difference between pigeon and human behaviour might be rooted in the difference between classical and empirical probability.
The first column in the table presents the return intervals considered, the second column shows the theoretical probability of occurrence for a normal distribution, and the remaining columns illustrate the empirical probability of the occurrence based on the relative frequency in the empirical data.
For the solution of our empirical data-based model, the transformation of the empirical probability measure to the equivalent martingale measure is done via CAPM risk adjustment (see Ingersoll, 1987, chapter 4).

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