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The buildup of slag or other material inside furnaces and kilns.



the phenomenon in which individual crystals or rock debris that were formed earlier are overgrown by a mineral aggregate. In encrustation the newly formed mineral is deposited in the form of granular crystalline drusoid crusts that cover fragments of brecciated ore or rock, sometimes in several layers, completely filling the cracks between the fragments. As a result, the ore (rock) assumes an encrustation texture.

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We were able to show in Phase I trials that 'functionalized' silicone elastomer with the oxalate-degrading enzyme, oxalate decarboxylase, was resistant to calcium-oxalate encrustation and bacterial adhesion.
In archaeological studies, microcrystalline encrustations of vivianite have been reported on buried animal remains.
investigated the potential use of NVC-422 as an irrigation solution to resolve catheter biofilm blockage and encrustation caused by P.
Selected Ground Water Investigation Cross River State of Nigeria for Encrustation and Corrosion Characteristics, J.
Encrustation at the stream mouth and the sediment fan was less abundant than on the hardground (Fig.
We have developed a self-cleaning system that prevents encrustation and fouling and are now confident we can take the next step towards commercialisation,'' said Mr Ay r e ``We are delighted to have achieved such a significant step forward.
If there is any corrosion pitting in the pipeline, the stiff wire brushes will remove the encrustation over the bacterial colonies but are to stiff to get into the pits.
The characteristic pattern of encrustation of the nuclear material around blood vessels (Azzopardi effect) has been reported at the site of metastasis in 2 cases.
Bacterial biofilms and the encrustation of urethral catheters.
Indeed, Wagner's luminous score and compassionate libretto refute much of this encrustation.
is urging property owners to replace sprinklers that leak or have visible signs of encrustation or corrosion.