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The membrane lining the heart.



the endothelial lining membrane of the heart, folds of which form the cardiac valves. Inflammation of the endocardium is called endocarditis.

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Key Words: endocardial calcification, echocardiography, Loeffler endocarditis
Physicians are also familiar with endocardial devices given that interventional cardiologists have been using very similar devices for many years.
This is an important paper because the Convergent Procedure addresses atrial fibrillation in a scientific manner by addressing both endocardial and epicardial substrates in a comprehensive anatomic approach.
The adoption of LAA devices in this market will continue to grow, since the implantation of an LAA device, whether endocardial or epicardial, is a one-time procedure, while drug therapy must be ongoing.
As the pioneer of interdisciplinary epicardial and endocardial cardiac ablation, the change represents the Company's further evolution towards closed chest approaches to treating common cardiac arrhythmias.
looks at the potential market for epicardial and endocardial LAA devices, both from the perspective of current European users and potential US adopters.
The ALSYNC study, the first of its kind to evaluate the safety and performance of a new delivery system and left ventricular endocardial (LVE) pacing lead for CRT implantation, included 138 patients at 18 centers in Europe and Canada, all of whom were indicated for CRT but were unable to receive a conventional system or did not respond to the therapy at least six months post-implant.
Contract award: Providing pacemakers of endocardial leads and probes temporary pacing.
Nigon voluntarily resigned from the Endocardial Solutions Board of Directors on October 20, 2004 in order to resolve this concern.
Lot 10: ventricular endocardial electrode, bipolar, screw (or not), mixed insulation.