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The introduction of a tube into a hollow organ to keep it open, especially into the larynx to ensure the passage of air.



the introduction of a special tube into the larynx through the mouth for the purpose of eliminating respiratory disruption in burns, certain traumas, severe spasms of the larynx, laryngeal diphtheria, and acute, rapidly resolvable (for example, allergic) laryngeal edemas. Intubation may sometimes replace tracheotomy. In order to avoid the danger of asphyxiation, the tube is usually withdrawn and the patient transfers to normal respiration.

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This research has allowed us to identify the current practice of endotracheal intubation and identify the areas of improvement.
The colony counts in air cultures collected 10 cm, 50 cm, and 100 cm away from the endotracheal intubation site in the open suctioning group were significantly greater than the counts in the closed suctioning group (colony-forming units [CFU]/plate: 72.
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Moreover, due to the prevalence of maxillary protrusion, immature roots, and ectopic eruptions, children are susceptible to dental injuries during oral endotracheal intubation (Windsor, J.
1 Because failed endotracheal intubation is the principal cause of morbidity and mortality in anesthetized patients2 there is a need for accurate tests to predict difficult intubation.
Since the early 90's this reinforced laryngeal mask airway (rLMA) has gained acceptance as an alternate method of maintaining the airway without endotracheal intubation.
The Trachway intubating stylet, a new patented Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-registered intubating stylet, was used for endotracheal intubation.
2) found upper respiratory tract obstruction in 11 of 36 patients with a diagnosis of infectious mononucleosis and reported that endotracheal intubation was performed in a single patient who was four years old.