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A decorative element or structure around a doorway, fireplace, or window; for example, see arch surround, banded surround, door surround, fireplace surround, Gibbs surround, window surround.
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This particular myth of origin, configured as a developmental explanation, already operates within the very enframement that has cleared entities such as the bone to show up as explicable in just this way.
The land is scaped, first and foremost, through bodily movement, not through static enframement.
Refiguring the past as a unified, undifferentiated moment in the culture, this intolerance blurs the sense of plurality from history; denying a sense of difference, this refiguration enframes history in such a way as to gain the culture's spontaneous approval of that particular enframement.
The tomb's architectural enframement, 1548 to 1558, is by Philibert de l'Orme (1505-70); the priants, transis, and reliefs are primarily by Pierre Bontemps (c.