enhanced podcast

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enhanced podcast

An electronic slide show delivered as a podcast. It comprises an audio file with links to images within the timeline. The most popular enhanced podcast uses Apple's featured AAC format and can be played back in an iPod or with QuickTime Player on a Mac or Windows computer. Software such as Apple's GarageBand (www.apple.com/ilife) for the Mac and Podcaster (www.kudlian.net) for Windows and Mac is used to create AAC enhanced podcasts.

MP3 Enhanced Podcasts
ID3 is the method used to tag MP3 files with artist and song titles, and Version 2 (ID3v2) introduced a way to divide the file into "chapters" that are synchronized with images. Chris Newell's open source ID3v2 Chapter Tool (www.sourceforge.net) is a Java application for creating MP3 enhanced podcasts. See ID3 tag.

Windows Media Audio (WMA) Enhanced Podcasts
WMA enhanced podcasts are created by embedding Windows Media scripts in the file using a utility such as Windows Media File Editor (www.microsoft.com).
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The pre-service teachers were shown how to write a podcast script and given instruction in the computer lab on how to create an enhanced podcast using the Macintosh software program, Garageband.
Audio and Video Podcasting -- newly enhanced podcast creation makes it easier than ever to expose your audio and video tours to visitors * XSellerate Marketing Integration -- XSites users now have even tighter integration with XSellerate, a la mode's automatic marketing system, allowing agents to market their listings directly from the listing admin.
IINC Spots, an enhanced podcast featuring audio and video content, has been launched to help cut through the business jargon to give consumers practical tips and advice on topics that can make their lives safer - and possibly save them a buck or two.
Replay A/V is the only software that combines Stream Capture, Audio Recording and an Enhanced Podcast Client in one easy-to-use interface.

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