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a genus of small acid-resistant viruses that contain a single-strand molecule of RNA.

Enteroviruses belong to the family of picornaviruses. They mainly inhabit the intestine of vertebrates, including man, often spreading to and affecting other organs. Enteroviruses include the three types of poliomyelitis virus, which cause disease of the central nervous system and paralysis. Another major group of the genus are the Coxsackie viruses (groups A and B, embracing 30 types), causative agents of encephalomyocarditis of the newborn, pericarditis, aseptic meningitis, and other diseases of man. Enteroviruses also include echoviruses, enterovirus of cows and pigs, the virus of hepatitis in ducks, the virus of encephalomyelitis in mice, and several other enteroviruses of vertebrate animals.


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Eight enteroviruses that were not typable by RIVM pool appeared from March to December.
Enteroviruses invading the brain can cause encephalitis, a serious danger for children living in unsanitary conditions in developing countries.
jejuni were generally an order of magnitude higher than those for enteroviruses.
Since human enteroviruses are ubiquitous, laboratory contamination of cell cultures can easily occur.
The FilmArray platform is capable of detecting enteroviral infections caused by EV-D68 but cannot differentiate between rhinoviruses and enteroviruses (5).
The studies also identified broader potential applications to a larger group of viruses called enteroviruses, which infect 10 million to 15 million people in the U.
Enteroviruses and other known respiratory viruses were detected by real-time PCR (4).
Enteroviruses cause 85-95 percent of viral meningitis cases, which typically self-resolve in a week to ten days unlike bacterial meningitis, which is potentially fatal.
Enteroviruses: polioviruses, coxsackie-viruses, echoviruses and newer enteroviruses.
developer of advanced diagnostic products, announced today that it has expanded its product portfolio to include the MGB Alert(TM) ENV real-time PCR reagent, designed to detect sequences associated with enteroviruses.
The phylogenetic data are consistent with 3 independent virus introductions, presumably from China, and are compatible with a more global circulation of subgenogroup C4 enteroviruses.
com/) scientists in collaboration with the Department of Human Retrovirology of the Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam have identified a new virus, belonging to the family of enteroviruses.