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in law, the instigation of a crime in the attempt to obtain cause for a criminal prosecution. Situations in which a government operative merely provides the occasion for the commission of a criminal act (e.g., when an undercover agent posing as a narcotics dealer is approached by a would-be customer) do not constitute entrapment. Only when the crime was not initially contemplated by the target is entrapment said to occur: thus, for example, an undercover agent may not recruit a previously law-abiding individual into a drug distribution ring in order to prosecute. Many police operations, especially in the areas of drugs and gambling, raise questions of entrapment, which is available as a defense in a trial.


The underground trapping of oil or gas reserves by folds, faults, domes, asphaltic seals, unconformities, and such.


Fear of Flying
metaphor for housewife Isadora Wing’s temporary inability to achieve self-awareness. [Am. Lit.: Fear of Flying]
Frome, Ethan
chained to detestable wife and unsalable farm. [Am. Lit.: Ethan Frome]
Loman, Willy
despite dreams of success, he is condemned to failure. [Am. Drama; Death of a Salesman, Payton, 397]
trapped in the domesticity demanded by her husband. [Nor. Lit.: Ibsen A Doll’s House]
Prufrock, J. Alfred
aware that his life is meaningless and empty, he struggles to rise above it, but cannot. [Br. Lit.: “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” in Payton, 548]
Rochester, Edward
tied to insane wife; cannot marry Jane Eyre. [Br. Lit.: Jane Eyre]
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There is no clear guidance for this weighing; outcomes will largely depend on the judge's factual characterization of individual culpability and entrapment conduct.
The patient's diagnosis was revised to peripheral entrapment of the saphenous nerve at the adductor canal.
Part II connects these ideas to the development of the entrapment doctrine in American courts in the early twentieth century, when the notion of criminal predisposition became the dispositive feature of the entrapment inquiry.
In 1932, the Supreme Court first recognized the defense of entrapment in Sorrells v.
When his office was raided after the operation, policemen recovered the marked money used in the entrapment as Rigas was trying to flush it in the toilet bowl.
For a good understanding of the mechanisms of entrapment neuropathies, a knowledge of the basic nerve injury types is necessary.
Data concerning entrapment neuropathies associated with gout generally involve carpal tunnel syndrome.
Fetal head entrapment during caesarian breech delivery is uncommon.
In the case of suspected entrapment neuropathy, electrodiagnosis is part of the first line of investigations.
Concept of entrapment is recognized as an important process in psychopathology (Taylor, Gooding, Wood, & Tarrier, 2011) and as a major predictor of suicide (O'Connor, 2003; Williams, 1997; Williams, Crane, Barnhofer, & Duggan, 2005) and suicidal ideation (Taylor, Gooding et al.
m, Monday, CIDU operatives set an entrapment operation against the suspect.