entrapped air

entrapped air, accidental air

Voids in concrete, usually 1 mm or more in diameter, resulting from air not purposely entrained.
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When optimized, these features reportedly can reduce defects such as tin-canning, caused by blocking and entrapped air that result in annular raised bands on the roll face.
The 3100 and 3206 incorporate a dome to collect entrapped air, plus an easy-to-reach pushbutton allowing air to be expelled.
A vacuum removes entrapped air from the preform and resin is infused into the preform and cured.
If the elevated discharge (H) is greater than the height between the tank and high point (J), the pressure within the entrapped air column will increase sufficiently to stop all flow from the elevated reservoir (see Figure 3).
Lap joint shall be provided of 75 mm in longitudinal & 100 mm in transverse direction and fused using LPG/ Propane torch employing extra care ensuring full bondage,complete removal of entrapped air and sealing edges into grooves in appropriate manner as per direction of Engineer -in-charge all complete including materials,labour and applicable taxes.
First the crew attached a vacuum pump to the liner to eliminate entrapped air and make wet out easier.
In addition, Airase 4500 defoamer is designed to eliminate foam, pinholes and entrapped air in water-based inks, adhesives and coatings, without generating surface defects.
The Aallied team went to work optimizing the gating and runner design to reduce the entrapped air pockets and achieve a more uniform frontal flow.
The mixtures were then degassed in vacuum desiccators for 1 hour to remove the entrapped air, followed by pouring into trapezium shape release-coated silicone mould before cured at room temperature for 24 hours.
Place wetted paper on to the area under test, pressing firmly into contours and irregularities to remove any entrapped air.
2] content), because the difference in refractive index between the entrapped air void and its surroundings increases.