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see diplomatic servicediplomatic service,
organized body of agents maintained by governments to communicate with one another. Origins

Until the 15th cent. any formal communication or negotiation among nations was conducted either by means of ambassadors specially appointed for a
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an official representative of a combatant who is sent to conduct negotiations with the other side. The practice of sending envoys is very ancient.

The legal status of the envoy was fixed in the Annex to the Hague Convention of 1907 Respecting the Laws and Customs of War on Land. In performance of the mission the envoy may be accompanied by a trumpeter, cornetist, or drummer and an interpreter or flag bearer. They are all considered inviolable. It is mandatory that the envoy carry a white flag. The enemy command may or may not receive the envoy, but in all cases the personal safety of the envoy and the persons accompanying him must be ensured until they return to their own troops.


a diplomat of the second class, ranking between an ambassador and a minister resident


2, envoi
1. a brief dedicatory or explanatory stanza concluding certain forms of poetry, notably ballades
2. a postscript in other forms of verse or prose


Motorola's integrated personal wireless communicator. Envoy is a personal digital assistant which incorporates two-way wireless and wireline communication. It was announced on 7 March 1994 and released in the third quarter of 1994. It runs Genral Magic's Magic Cap operating system and Telescript(TM) communications language on Motorola's Dragon chip set. This includes the highly integrated Motorola 68349 processor and a special purpose application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) referred to as Astro. This chip set was designed specifically for Magic Cap and Telescript.

A user can write on the Envoy communicator with the accompanying stylus or a finger, to type and select or move objects on its screen. An on-screen keyboard can be used to input information, draw or write personal notations, or send handwritten messages and faxes.

Envoy can send a wireless message to another Envoy, PC or fax; broadcast a message to a group, with each member of that group receiving the message in their preferred format; gather information based on your requirements; schedule a meeting and automatically invite attendees; screen, route and organise messages; send a business card to another Envoy across a conference room table; access real-time scheduling and pricing information for US airline flights, then order tickets via fax or electronic mail; keep track of contacts through an address book; receive daily news summaries and stock information; capture, organize and review business and personal expenses on-the-go; gather, edit and analyze information in spreadsheets and graphs compatible with Lotus 1-2-3 and Excel; shop in an electronic mall.


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NEW DELHI -- Pakistan's envoy positioned in India continue to be harassed as another incident surfaced on Tuesday when a car carrying a diplomat was intercepted in Indian capital.
In a statement, he said despite reservations by Kenyans and the IEBC itself, the envoys went ahead and gave the October 26 repeat election a clean bill of health.
The envoys who presented their credentials included Ambassador-designate of Turkey Ihsan Mustafa Yurdakul, Ambassador-designate of the Republic of Korea Kwak Sung-kyu, High Commissioner-designate of Malaysia Ikram Bin Mohammad Ibrahim.
They're his envoys to promote closer relationship with China," Presidential spokesman Harry Roque said when asked about the designation of five special emissaries to Beijing.
Duterte signed the reappointment papers of Ferdinand Borja, Wallie Lee, Carlos Chan, Cheng Yong, William de Jesus Lima as special envoys to China on January 3.
The move includes several other special envoys position in Africa, Syria, North Korean human rights issues and others.
The Envoys met in Jerusalem to discuss current efforts to advance Middle East peace, as well as the deteriorating situation in Gaza.
The Quartet Envoys highlighted the vital contributions Norway has made over the years to the pursuit of achieving a comprehensive, just and lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians based on a two-state solution.
Saleh Bin Abdulaziz Al-Qunaieer as special envoy to Yemen.
Clearly the PM's penchant for special envoys is creating more confusion then helping the cause of the country's foreign policy.
as Japan's envoys to China and Greece apparently reflects the ruling Democratic Party of Japan's policy of boosting the number of ambassadors drawn from the private sector.
According to John Krumenacker, field network engineer of international markets for Amperion, "Uplogix Envoys serve a two-fold purpose for us.