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Removal of the hair by the roots by the use of forceps, chemical means, or roentgenotherapy.



the removal of hair for cosmetic or therapeutic purposes. Epilation is used, frequently in conjunction with other methods, to treat certain skin and hair diseases, including tricho-phytosis, microsporosis, and favus. The hair may be removed by special forceps, chemical agents (such as epilating wax), or roentgenotherapy. Electrolysis produces the most long-lasting effect, however, because the needle electrode destroys the hair bulbs, thus causing the hair to stop growing; with all the other methods of epilation, the hair grows back.

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On microscopical examination of epilated hair digested overnight in 10% KOH, arthrospores arranged in parallel chains were seen within hair.
The infected hairs are usually small, lustreless and brittle and such hairs are easily epilated.
and otitis 1 Scales and crusts on pruritus ventral abdomen and lateral thighs, few alopecic areas, dry and malodorous hair coat 2 Scales, dry hair coat, pruritus easily epilated hairs + otitis and ear erythrema 3 Scales, malodorous otitis skin, dry hair coat and erythrema on ears 4 Severe follicular pruritus plugging scales on ventral abdomen, crust under inner aspect of thigh, dry hair coat and local alopecia 5 Scales, dry hair coat pruritus and few erythemic spot on ventral abdomen Table II: Hemato-biochemical parameters before and after Vitamin A treatment Parameters Control (n = 6) Hb (g/dl) 11.