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an optical system for projecting onto a screen images of opaque objects, such as hardware, technical drawings, illustrations, and photographs.

The basic optical diagram of an episcope is shown in Figure 2 in PROJECTOR. In an episcope, the object whose image is being projected reflects diffusely the light rays striking it; thus, only a small amount of the reflected light enters the projection lens. The brightness of the image is enhanced by using one or more powerful light sources as well as high-transmission projection lenses with relative apertures of up to 1:1.5–1:2. Since the focal lengths of episcope lenses are usually shorter than those of diascope lenses, the magnification produced by an episcope is lower. A mirror located above or behind the projection lens of an episcope inverts the image so that it is right side up when it appears on the screen (see: Figure 1). A special cooling system is required in an episcope because of the intense heat that is generated.

An episcope may be a component of the optical system of the alterable projectors known as epidiascopes, which can project images of both opaque and transparent objects onto a screen.

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A more open and closer relation between Bishop and Episcope was achieved in Istra.
Kliment Ohridski is the first Macedonian episcope and founder of the Ohrid Archbishopric from which he spread Christianity.
The operator can have a direct view of the surrounding scenario through seven episcopes located in the lower part of the turret, though an eighth larger episcope covers the frontal 45[degrees] angle.
The goal of the EPISCOPE project is to make the energy refurbishment processes in the European housing sector
Many expressed concern that if the AEO was to extend beyond the issue of the blessing of same-sex unions, it could open up a Pandora's box which would render episcope (ministry of a bishop) unmanageable," said the report.
Most of the discussions, in West Wickham and in Cret-Barard, Switzerland (August 19-24, 2002), were focused entirely on issues related to questions of primacy, episcope, sacrament, and sacramentality.
The differing views on leadership in the church were highlighted in a consultation on episcope and episcopacy: Would it be possible for those representing a personal (episcopal) office to share space with those who would exercise oversight primarily through a communal or collegial kind of leadership?
36 to land on the second spot was the score of Allan Banduria , Rico Episcope and Dabs Dabuet, travelling behind Dantes.
Episcope is a neologism derived from the Greek episcopus, which in the Christian Scriptures designates the leaders of Christian communities who come to exercise "oversight" variously through presiding, teaching, and shepherding, where shepherding is understood as a matter of discipline, including determining membership and participation in the community of faith.
I have been asked a) to address the issue of episcope and unity; b) to engage with three specific questions about episcopacy: What has been your church's experience with episcopacy?
137) The reception of truth that the Spirit enables is not simply the collation of individual insights, but, precisely by the coordination of gifts and insights in communion under the guidance of those who exercise episcope (oversight), the "mind of the entire body of Christ" may be discerned.