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the involuntary ejection of air and gases from the stomach through the mouth as a result of spasms of the gastric pylorus with simultaneous reflex muscle contractions in the stomach, diaphragm, and abdomen. Eructation in healthy persons is episodic, occurring, for example, only with overeating.

Regularly occurring, loud eructation arises as a result of swallowing air, most often in neurotics. Frequent eructation may be a symptom of a gastric disease, for example, chronic gastritis or an ulcer, or of diseases of other organs in the abdominal cavity, for example, the liver or gallbladder. Occasionally, food particles are ejected from the stomach along with gases and air; this is called regurgitation and is especially frequent with nursing infants who overeat.

Sour eructation is accompanied by ejection of gastric juice, and bitter eructation, by ejection of bile. The odor of rotten eggs is noticeable with eructation when food masses are stuck in the stomach as a result of pyloric stenosis; the odor indicates putrefaction in the stomach. Eructation is treated by healing the underlying cause.

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The drug reduced heartburn both during the day and at night, and also had a beneficial effect on regurgitation and eructation.
The medical term for burping is eructation (ee-ruk-TAY-shun).
Pickett's guesses about percussion accompaniment, eructation, or out-of-tuneness could conceivably be correct in the sense that one or all of them might have occurred in the pieces to which he applies them (only a few, I am bound to add) on one of the 100 or so New Year's days from the mid-12th to the mid-13th centuries at one or other of the places where these items were sung, though it would be stretching coincidence too far to imagine them all occurring on any single occasion.
Naga nourishes the body and controls eructation and vomiting.
0018%), adverse reactions were listed as follows in the order of frequency: gastrointestinal symptoms (stomach ache, nausea, eructation, sour regurgitation, hiccups, stomach discomfort, dyspepsia, diarrhea, and abdominal distension), discomfort, nonspecific hemorrhage, nonspecific purpura, local numbness, abnormal bowel sounds, headache, chest distress, dry mouth, palpitation, weakness, flushing, hyperhidrosis, etc.
TABLE 3 Sigstad scoring system for dumping syndrome (16,17,19) Postprandial symptoms Score * Shock +5 Fainting, syncope, unconsciousness +4 Desire to lie down +4 Dyspnea +3 Weakness +3 Sleepiness, apathy +3 Palpitations +3 Restlessness +2 Dizziness +2 Headaches +1 Warm, clammy skin or pallor +1 Nausea +1 Abdominal fullness +1 Borborygmi (abdominal rumbling/gurgling) +1 Eructation (belching) -1 Vomiting -4 * A score of >7 is suggestive of dumping syndrome.
Oesophageal obstruction blocks natural eructation process resulting in bloat and consequent dyspnoea, which is detrimental to life of animal.
Adverse events reported in the naturopathic group included fishy-tasting eructation from fish oil capsules (n = 3), indigestion from phosphatidylcholine (5 g/day; n = 2), and heart palpitation (n = 1).
The symptoms of peptic ulcers in pregnant women are similar to those in the general population and include epigastric pain, anorexia, postprandial nausea and vomiting, abdominal distention and eructation.
The greenhouse effect attributed to ruminant eructation was suggested to be mitigated by 96% by PRA-1, whereas nisin-Z and PRA-2 from different sources of Lactococcus lactis had no significant effect on methane production.
Mr Justice Owen said: "It was submitted on his behalf that the intoximeter reading was affected by eructation - belching in common parlance.