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THIS OCTOBER, THE MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS, Boston, will present an exhibition of some one hundred fifty of the finest examples of Rembrandt's etchings together with about twenty paintings and thirty drawings which are similar to etchings ill craftsmanship and scale.
Figure 2 shows the same alloys after a 30-min vibratory polish using colloidal silica abrasive followed by etching with dilute HF.
However, wet chemical etching suffers from some major disadvantages.
Doan and Sailor say their etching process differs from that of most other researchers.
Figure 4c illustrates this with an etching of hot Murakami's reagent which colors the phosphide brown and doesn't color the ferrite.
Light creates a small current in silicon, and varying the current during etching alters the color of the luminescence.
In plasma etching, a technician mounts a silicon wafer inside a vacuum chamber and injects a gas.
The technique involves etching a lens surface to create a staircase pattern of notches that scatter light in just the right way.
Metal uncovered by the etched-away portions could be removed in a subsequent etching process.
The DSi module will be used to further develop and perform deep trench etching for MEMS (micro-electromechanical systems) devices.
900 Series systems deliver highly reliable, repeatable results in etching a variety of films used to manufacture MEMS, silicon ICs, telecommunications and optoelectronics devices, flat panel displays and thin film magnetic heads.
today announced the Applied Centura(R) AdvantEdge(TM) Metal Etch, the most advanced system in the industry to meet the aluminum interconnect etching requirements of sub-70nm Flash and DRAM memory chip manufacturing.