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a shared racial, linguistic or national identity of a social group. See also NATIONALISM.

Ethnicity is an imprecise term which has given rise to some degree of conceptual confusion (see also ETHNIC GROUP). It is often conflated with other terms such as racial group.

Ethnicity can incorporate several forms of collective identity, including cultural, religious, national and subcultural forms. A distinction may be drawn between cultural

ethnicity and political ethnicity. The former refers to a belief in a shared language, religion or other such cultural values and practices. The latter refers to the political awareness or mobilization of a group on a (real or assumed) ethnic basis. Although ethnicity is often used in relation to a group's assumed racial identity, strictly racial attributes (see RACE) are not necessarily, or even usually, the defining feature of ethnic groups.

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Multivariate logistic regression analyses were conducted by each ethnic group at wave i, both to investigate what factors influence changing ethnicity within the main ethnic groupings and also to overcome the problem of non-mutually exclusive ethnic groups.
When the analyses were stratified by race or ethnicity, findings regarding nativity status were similar to those in the initial analyses.
Accordingly, the production of race and ethnicity is an open and ongoing process of negotiation.
Black arrested for A government spokesperson said: "Discrimination is as unacceptable in the criminal justice system as it is anywhere else - race and ethnicity cannot be used as justification for an arrest.
Ethnicity has acquired exceptional significance for the understanding of contemporary social and economic issues.
Shortly before independence, ethnicity and regionalism replaced the inclusive vision of the liberation struggle.
Mahoney defines Zulu ethnicity primarily in political terms and specifically in terms of Africans' allegiance to chiefs who were subordinate and loyal to the authority of Zulu kings.
Pohl proposes that ethnicity depends on agency between the individual and the various social groups and that this agency, as discourse, can be studied: ethnicity is not a 'given'; ethnicity must be studied in a broader context; ethnicity is a result of social practice; ethnic identities matter in different contexts.
This approach, however, doesn't work for people of mixed race or ethnicity because comparison databases can't account for mixed heritage.
Guild President David Franklin said making Dr Nafafe redundant would have a "serious impact" on students studying ethnicity at the university.