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(SOCIAL ANTHROPOLOGY) the study of the indigenous bodies of knowledge within a culture area. Thus, ethnobotany records local botanical knowledge and plant taxonomies, and ethnoecology records local knowledge of ecological factors; while ethnohistory, which possesses similarities with ‘history from below’ (see HISTORY WORKSHOP JOURNAL), seeks to provide an historical account from the point of view of the society under discussion, using the oral historical record within the community. In general, the prefix ethno- used in this context refers to an analysis from the point of view of the ‘folk’ culture(s) being studied.

The ethnosciences are now seen as having some value in achieving ecologically sensitive forms of development, and forms of development also in tune with local needs. The recovery of‘lost’ knowledge that the ethnosciences represent also raises questions about the progressive nature of orthodox SCIENCE and about RATIONALITY. See also MULTICULTURALISM, COGNITIVE ANTHROPOLOGY. Compare ETHNOGRAPHY, ETHNOMETHODOLOGY.

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Harding (1998) claims that a new kind of comparative ethnoscience movement emerged from the older 'Eurocentric' colonial frameworks which represented the knowledge traditions of other cultures as the products of 'savage minds'.
saI) CEI ceiba (silk-cotton tree of West Indies), priceite \(a mineral) SAAI saaidam (land for flood water enclosed by earthen walls) SAI Saigon, gosain (a Hindu religious mendicant), bonsai SCI sciatica, disciple, ethnoscience SEI seismic SIE prophesied SSI missile, assize SY anovial, forsythia, prophesy ZEI hintzeite (a borate of potassium and magnesium) CI cipher, precise, fuci CY cycle, oocyte SAE saeva indignatio (savage indignation) SAY sayonara, sayyid SCY scythe, hyoscyamia (a vegetable alkali) SI siphon, Siamese, inside, quasi SSEI gossein (see gosain--SAI) SSY assythment (compensation) SZI kaluszite (hydrous sulphate of calcium and potassium) ZI quartzite (a compact, granular, mainly quartz, rock) long 'O' sound followed by short 's' sound.
Informed by ethnoscience theory (Frake, 1961; Goodenough, 1957), which assumes that language reveals what we believe, the Developmental Research Sequence begins with a broad question and, on the basis of participants' responses, creates related, more precise questions in an effort to attain a detailed description of the culture of interest.
An ethnoscience approach was used to guide this research.
This feminine knowledge is constructed not around notions of a feminine ethnoscience or of any specific responsibility to the local landscape, but rather in terms of a set of skills and abilities to take advantage of opportunities available on a national and global scale.
As these relativists have said, it necessarily follows that if peoples' minds vary so much from one culture to another, Western science is only a culturally specific form of ethnoscience, not a universally valid way of verification or falsification.
Adaptive strategies of urban nomads: The ethnoscience of tramp culture".
He explains the intellectual roots of the study of TEK, relating it to other emerging fields of environmental ethics, common property, and environmental history, all in turn rooted in ethnoscience and human ecology.