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It is not surprising that Adams's decisions frequently do not agree with those of others, and it is typical for the conditions under which an etymologist does his work in (pre-)historical semantics that the deviations found do not occur in a systematic fashion.
The ingenious etymologist could concoct a derivation from the botanical or marine applications, but doubtless win little conviction.
My name is, pure Filipino, no trace of Spanish, no trace of Chinese, straight Tagalog, from the sound of it, though maybe not if a historian, an anthropologist, a genealogist, an etymologist, or an onomastician were to put it under close scrutiny.
BEING such a lover of words, I'm generally etymologically curious, and you'll be unsurprised to note that one of my favourite 'clever clever' jokes is 'what's the difference between an etymologist and an endomologist?
Sol Steinmetz, an etymologist whom William Safire once dubbed a "lexical supermaven," died at 80.
An etymologist is one who knows the difference between etymology and entomology.
Mencken explored that, too, and decided that Albert Walker Read, a noted etymologist, came closest when he said that it meant a swampy place.
17) Isidore of Seville, the influential seventh-century encyclopedist and etymologist, supplies the information that the cuckoo, which he calls tucos but also ciculos, (18) travels not on its own but perched in the wings of a kite because of its weakness.
Now an eminent etymologist thinks we might all have been heading down the wrong track by associating the city's name to its ancient pool.
The great Catalan etymologist Joan Corominas has given us the most thorough inquiry into the matter, in his second entry for orza in Diccionario critico etimologico castellano e hispanico.
Now a cynical etymologist might put a witty interpretation on the concepts of gambling, earnings and wedlock being linguistically related
Btk is really tricky to use," said Andrew Liebhold, a federal research etymologist and nationally recognized expert on the gypsy moth.