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(also Lamut), a people of northern Siberia living in several areas of Magadan and Kamchatka oblasts and east of the Lena River in the northern regions of the Yakut ASSR. According to the 1979 census, the Evens number 12,300; they speak the Even language.

The Evens, in origin and culture, resemble the Evenki. In the past they engaged chiefly in reindeer raising and hunting; the coastal Evens fished and hunted seals. Although the Evens formally became members of the Orthodox Church in the 19th century, they retained various forms of their pre-Christian worship, such as shamanism.

In the Soviet period, fundamental changes took place in the economy, culture, and everyday life of the Evens. A writing system was created in the 1930’s, and illiteracy was eliminated. Many nomadic Evens made the transition to a settled way of life. Kolkhozes were established for livestock raising, for farming, and land cultivation, in addition to the traditional occupations.


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The Lady Julias of this world did not marry insurance clerks, even if their late mother's cousin had left them a thousand pounds.
Flora continued to fix me with her small mask of reprobation, and even at that minute I prayed God to forgive me for seeming to see that, as she stood there holding tight to our friend's dress, her incomparable childish beauty had suddenly failed, had quite vanished.
Dashwood, whose terror as they drew near the house had produced almost the conviction of Marianne's being no more, had no voice to inquire after her, no voice even for Elinor; but SHE, waiting neither for salutation nor inquiry, instantly gave the joyful relief;-- and her mother, catching it with all her usual warmth, was in a moment as much overcome by her happiness, as she had been before by her fears.
Those whom God has endowed with a larger measure of genius will entertain, perhaps, designs still more exalted; but for the many I am much afraid lest even the present undertaking be more than they can safely venture to imitate.
Even as he did so he thought he perceived a certain haziness of eye and speech in his trustee; but he was too hopeful to be stayed, silenced the voice of warning in his bosom, and with one and the same gesture committed the money to the clerk, and himself into the hands of destiny.
I say, in earnest, that I should probably have been able to discover even in that a peculiar sort of enjoyment--the enjoyment, of course, of despair; but in despair there are the most intense enjoyments, especially when one is very acutely conscious of the hopelessness of one's position.
At the same instant his ear caught a sort of indistinct sound on the stairs, followed by the measured tread of soldiery, with the clanking of swords and military accoutrements; then came a hum and buzz as of many voices, so as to deaden even the noisy mirth of the bridal party, among whom a vague feeling of curiosity and apprehension quelled every disposition to talk, and almost instantaneously the most deathlike stillness prevailed.
I fear neither battle nor the din of chariots, but Jove's will is stronger than ours; Jove at one time makes even a strong man draw back and snatches victory from his grasp, while at another he will set him on to fight.
it behoved me to learn the game itself; since, despite a thousand descriptions of roulette which I had read with ceaseless avidity, I knew nothing of its rules, and had never even seen it played.
Some malicious persons it is true deny the identity of this reputable character with the Evangelist of old times, and even pretend to bring competent evidence of an imposture.
I want to speak to you privately without your uncle knowing about it, or even what the subject is.
Even the grey-ribbed trees looked young, for the pointed buds on them were still pink, and in a pattern against the strong blue looked like innumerable childish figures.