exclamation mark

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exclamation point

An exclamation point or exclamation mark ( ! ) is a punctuation mark commonly used to express strong, intense emotions in declarations. It can also be used to add emphasis to interjections and commands.
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exclamation mark

The character "!" with ASCII code 33.

Common names: bang; pling; excl (/eks'kl/); shriek; ITU-T: exclamation mark, exclamation point (US). Rare: factorial; exclam; smash; cuss; boing; yell; wow; hey; wham; eureka; soldier; INTERCAL: spark-spot.

The Commonwealth Hackish, "pling", is common among Acorn Archimedes owners. Bang is more common in the USA.

The occasional CMU usage, "shriek", is also used by APL fans and mathematicians, especially category theorists.

Exclamation mark is used in C and elsewhere as the logical negation operation (NOT).
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com advises: "People tend to use a lot of exclamation marks in informal writing such as emails or text messages but you should avoid using them in formal writing.
You will also want to keep a pad of paper handy to write down her unlisted references to other resources, such as Anton Chekhov's 1885 short story "The exclamation mark," which is a parody of "A Christmas carol.
However the exclamation mark then disappeared, and there was no punctuation until the arrival of the colon in 1888 -- except, that is, in the 1884 Selection which had reverted to the original comma.
Anne Speed asks: "Name two towns which both end in an exclamation mark.
Its use was originally restricted to the written form, where it began to replace the double exclamation mark as a linguistic crutch for those who feared - usually quite rightly - that their prose was not sufficiently funny in its own right.
The occasional exclamation mark in an email lets your recipient know you're making a light-hearted, jokey comment.
Mr Buckroyd said: "If it had got an exclamation mark it would have got a little bit more.
So is the bravura black-and-white opening scene, Green's womanly work, Martin Campbell's spirited direction and a finale that ends the movie with an exclamation mark.
With them in hand as a willing anchor tenant, she then approached Douglas Durst and initiated the development of landmark office building 4 Times Square, a tower that put an exclamation mark on Times Square's amazing revitalization.
A heart, question mark or exclamation mark in a metallic sequin motif can say everything that needs to be said.
A sweatshop swoosh--which appears like an exclamation mark in the last photograph of a lone shoe hanging off the end of the bed--definitely gives an idea of the dark forces missing from this tale.