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extended reproduction of capital

(MARXISM) that part of SURPLUS VALUE which is advanced as new capital to expand the activity of capitalist enterprise or economy. See also ACCUMULATION (OR EXPANDED OR EXTENDED REPRODUCTION) OF CAPITAL.
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Whereas, New Amsterdam/ Law Max relocated and expanded and National Medical Fellowships relocated and reduced its lease; making the buildings total leasing activity 80,000 s/f for 2006.
When this final wave of expanded local calling is complete, Verizon will have removed tolls and usage charges on more than 700 of its Virginia calling routes, providing a potential savings to more than one million customers.
The master plan calls for nine new libraries citywide for a total of 72 built, renovated and expanded libraries.
It uses the computer's conventional memory and any available expanded or extended memory.
An expanded array of sales collateral that allow partners to drive bigger sales and increase profitability.
Gordon Murley, president of the Woodland Hills Homeowners Organization, also warned that voters will be wary of the cost of an expanded City Council.
A coverage has expanded to 20 markets and more than 60 million people - which surpassed the previously announced goal of 40 million people by the end of the year.
com has also expanded other main features, such as the Support Your Local Mama directories of goods and services; Mama'sMix, which now includes reviews of albums/CDs and gives mamas the ability to submit and download music mixes; and the articles and columns section in Expand Your Perspective, which will add new decorating, cooking and lifestyle content.
NASDAQ: ROCK) today announced that it has acquired the stock of The Expanded Metal Company Limited and the stock of Sorst Streckmetall GmbH, which together are known as EMCO, a leading supplier of expanded metal mesh components and finished goods in key European markets.
The Cumberland store, originally 61,000 square feet, is being expanded to 75,100 square feet, New Philadelphia, originally 53,000 square feet, to 73,000 square feet and Warsaw, originally 56,000 square feet, to 80,000 square feet.
HONOLULU -- Expanded use of DRC solution enables Arrowhead to quickly and easily develop, deploy, and maintain rate plans to support commercial lines of business
New features include enhanced smart-agent technology for unique transaction level analytics, expanded built-in analytics, improved reporting and data mining query capabilities, integrated case management tools, and expanded wireless alert capabilities.

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