expanded vermiculite

exfoliated vermiculite

Vermiculite which has been expanded, by a heat process, to many times its original volume; suitable for lightweight aggregate, particularly for insulating purposes; used as a thermal insulation.
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The Biomix[R] substrate is a commercial product used for the production of vegetable seedlings that comprise spine bark, expanded vermiculite, and an organic compound, with a pH of 6.
Their main raw materials are calcium silicate, expanded vermiculite, perlite, cellulose, diatomaceous earth, and expanded polystyrene.
Abstract The effects of expanded vermiculite (EV) as modified filler to improve fire protection of intumescent fireproof coatings have been studied.
Keywords Intumescent, Fireproof coating, Expanded vermiculite, Thermal degradation, Fire protection
The study focuses on fireproof coating using expanded vermiculite (EV) as a modified filler.
Commercial expanded vermiculite from South Africa (sample S0), fraction size 1 mm, was provided by Romico Polska Sp.
4% of a cohort of 513 Ohio manufacturing workers exposed to expanded vermiculite and/or concentrate from Libby was found to have pleural changes documented on chest radiograph (Lockey et al.
10 JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH that they tried out numerous different materials for their model Phobos, including expanded vermiculite (Kitty Litter in this case, Melosh says), silica sand and small glass spheres.
The Company also sells expanded vermiculite and perlite, which are utilized in the formulation of professional growing mixes.
Expanded vermiculite was used as a starting material for preparation of acid modified samples according to the following procedure:
For expanded vermiculite the presence of 2, 1 or 0 layers of water molecules in the domains of the layered structure is typical.
All the performed experiments showed that expanded vermiculite adsorbs significant amount of [Fe.