experimental group

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experimental group


experimental condition

the group which receives the INDEPENDENT VARIABLE in an experiment. Typically, in the EXPERIMENTAL METHOD, the EXPERIMENTAL HYPOTHESIS is tested by treating the experimental group with the independent variable to be investigated, and comparing any resultant effect (measured by the DEPENDENT VARIABLE) with any change observed in the CONTROL GROUP. If a statistically significant difference is found between the dependent measures in experimental and control groups, then the experimental hypothesis is upheld. If there is no statistically significant difference, then the NULL HYPOTHESIS is upheld.
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Quality of life scores of subjects in the pre-test showed that mean scores and SD of experimental group in terms of psychological aspect were 9.
Comparing task performance with reverse tasks shows more improvement in the reverse tasks for the experimental group than for control participants (in all MB tasks, 62% of the experimental group performed tasks successfully and 94% succeeded in the reverse tasks, while 50% of the control group succeeded in the initial tasks, and 45% succeeded in reverse tasks).
The main statistical procedure employed in the current study was paired t-test in order to compare the general means of the control and experimental groups of the study achieved through the pre-and post tests to determine whether the application of the specific treatment had any significant and considerable effect on the students' speaking proficiency participated as the experimental groups as compared to that the control group.
The differences in responses between the control and experimental group instructor were most obvious in the area of interactivity.
Seven weeks after their parents' dialogical storybook reading training, the children in the experimental group had significantly increased PPVT scores.
If we divide the participants in experimental groups by mode we can observe that the students in the full time attendance mode (Table 1 codes: EG 1 and EG 3) make up 57.
The third step of the experimental design was the development of the intervention package guide and content which was used for the teaching of the experimental group on nutritional factors that may predispose to stomach cancer and how it would be prevented.
20 sessions, with the same physiotherapist as the experimental group.
The respondents of the experimental group and control group were updated with the feed back of their creative potential scores.
Yen, Wang, Liao, Huang, and Yang (2008) randomly allocated 14 chronic stroke patients to an experimental group that received 4 weeks of BWS treadmill training after 4 weeks of general physical therapy (n = 7) and a control group that received physical therapy only (n = 7).

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