extended family

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extended family

the unit formed both by family members who are in the nuclear family and those who are not, but are still considered to be close relatives. While the nuclear family is composed of a couple and their children, the family group is ‘extended’ when the grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews, or any selection of these, are included.

Extended families living together as a unit in one location occur more often in preindustrial societies, rather than in industrial societies where the nuclear family is sometimes seen as more compatible with the needs of modern economies. Sec also FAMILY, SOCIOLOGY OF THE FAMILY.

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In a process that made pulling teeth seem a painless alternative, the local authority were eventually made to accept that placement of Jada in her extended family was the best option.
the family and extended family members of any person, living or deceased, eligible for membership in DAV;
Extended Family believes these are the people who should be supported the most.
This paper analyzes the impact of the extended family responsibilities on the work lives of the women leaders within the contexts of the systems of social stratification prevalent in Zimbabwe.
Oyeyemi, who was under 20 herself when she wrote this novel, is an astute social observer as well as psychologist: she draws Jess's confusions, her parents' reactions, the influences of vying cultures, the extended family and Jess's British acquaintances with great balance and realism.
The candid memoir of his painful childhood in the ghettos of inner-city Pittsburgh, A Wealth Of Family tells of Brook's rediscovery of his Lithuanian mother in London, along with British siblings he had not previously been aware of, and an equally remarkable reunion with his father in Nairobi, Kenya, along with his extended family there.
The remainder of this introduction reviews the severely-distressed conditions faced by many African American families during the 1980s and 1990s, the historical tradition of extended family among African Americans, and the Crack Era as a defining historical event for many.
95), Alison Bechders 12th compilation of strips starring everyone's favorite lesbian extended family, hits stores, we caught up with the cartoonist by phone from her home in Vermont.
Shanghai Messenger is a book of poetry by Andrea Cheng and pictures by Ed Young describing an eleven-year-old girl's trip to visit her extended family in Shanghai, China.
For the non-famous affluent," Johnson says, "chartering provides a chance to get the extended family together with an entire crew catering to each person's wishes.
Bob's Red Mill has added to their extended family of pancake and brownie mixes with their All Natural Egg Replacer.

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