external checks


Checks or inspection of an aircraft exterior carried by the pilot before flight. These are normally carried out in a clock-wise direction commencing from the port-wing root. Also called external checks.
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Such a suspicion made one pause --for out there there were no external checks.
But making it accountable while depriving it of external checks and balances " such as free and fair elections " is a task akin to finding the philosopher's stone, that legendary fixture of alchemy that could allegedly turn base metal into gold.
Businesses can import the check data from external checks and print hundreds of checks with just a few clicks.
external checks and laboratory tests related to earthworks, concrete, roads, signs, acoustic screens.
But the pledge to adopt nuclear guidelines into law and undergo external checks was endorsed by just 35 nations, including the UK, France, Canada, Japan, Israel and the three summit hosts.
External checks by the Cypriot authorities confirmed that it was carrying dangerous cargo.
of Connecticut School of Law) present 37 chapters that subject administrative law--particularly as it relates to "protecting individuals against an overreaching state and providing external checks that enhance the democratic accountability and competence of the administration"--to comparative political, historical, and legal analysis.
The PC started his pre-flight with external checks on the port side of the Hawkeye, just forward of the prop line.
EXTERNAL CHECKS From ground level, take a good look at your roof, keeping an eye out for any cracked or missing tiles.
We also had additional external checks, none of which revealed any problem.
It is an absolute cultural change for any organisation that is not used to external checks and balances.
Just as it has nearly eliminated domestic checks, the AKP has also paralyzed external checks to its power.

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