external chimney

exterior chimney, external chimney

A chimney located outside, and usually attached to, an exterior wall of a house at the gable end, gambrel end, or mansard end.
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The barns and outhouses are mouldering away; the sheds are patched and half roofless; the log cabins (built in Virginia with external chimneys made of clay or wood) are squalid in the last degree.
It features a unique integrated design with internal power supply, rental frame and no external chimney fan.
Ian Simmons, erection of external chimney |flue, Tangerine Confectionery Ltd, Westgate, Cleckheaton.
He said: "We were called to a collapse of an external chimney breast into the rear gardens of two properties.
The Harewood design is detached and provides four bedrooms, priced from pounds 144,000, featuring two dormer windows, a bay, decorative porch detailing, integral garage and external chimney breast.
I Simmons, external chimney flue, Tangerine |Confectionary Ltd, Westgate, Cleckheaton.
J Barraclough, ground and first floor extension, external chimney and formation of off road parking area (conservation area), 46 Blacksmiths Fold, Almondbur y.
D Mulhall, two storey rear extension and external chimney stack (conservation area), 41 New Street, Golcar.
Howard Bamforth, single storey extension and external chimney, 26 Spring Side Rise, Golcar.
HADE EDGE: J Bake: external chimney breast/stack, 31 Green Abbey.
Mourners could gather in a crematorium chapel to honor the deceased, but the machinery of the furnace was hidden from view and external chimneys were camouflaged to resemble steeples.

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