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Data can be automatically gathered, triggered by time, temperature, or an external signal, with threshold alarms available together with the automatic capture of high, low, and average or user-defined temperature.
When an external signal is detected by the cell, the other plasmid is also activated, leading to insertion of its sequences instead.
A de-interlacer enables 1080i and 1080p SDI video sources from multiple fixed-lens, PTZ or ENG-style cameras to be used simultaneously without the need for an external signal converter.
Built-in Advanced Hybrid Processing (AHP) on every input and output means there is no need for external signal processing devices.
In this case, the sensor waits for an external signal which provides the start point for initiating data output and information on the duration of the measurement and the output stream.
Triggering is therefore often initiated by an external signal.
So when she says there will be an initiative, it is as much of an external signal as you can get that the SNP are ready for a post-mortem and to move on from the failure of 2014.
It is used to decode transmitted signals into video content from an external signal source to display on the screen of a connected TV or a computer.
The STB connects a TV to an external signal source and transforms the AV signal into video content, which is displayed on the screen.
There is also an option to have a solenoid valve, designed with a slow opening characteristic for opening the air inlet safely via an external signal.
A simple thing like that is all that is necessary--it might be 10 o'clock chiming on the courthouse clock [nine is better), the ending of the morning radio news, a factory whistle, any external signal not governed by our own tendency to remain at rest.
These features make the MCU a compelling solution for use in power steering control units, where enhancement of the external signal input from the motor and detailed setting of the output signal can deliver more precise steering to a driver.

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