external wall

exterior wall, external wall, periphery wall

A wall which is part of the envelope of a building, thereby having one face exposed to the weather or to earth.
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I believe that the central and highest peaks form parts of the rim of a great crater, the southern half of which has been entirely removed by the waves of the sea: there is, moreover, an external wall of black basaltic rocks, like the coast-mountains of Mauritius, which are older than the central volcanic streams.
It comes as CIMA were set to take on the museum once work was done to an external wall - but it's now thought that won't go far enough to improve the condition of the building without further work.
Before and after: a house that has beneted from home energy eciency improvements including external wall insulation >
The University plans to excavate around the external wall to allow it to dry out.
But such was the growth the Tonmawr-based company now employs more than 40 people and it boasts contracts across the UK, as far afield as Aberdeen, fitting solar power units and external wall insulation.
Rockwool, which makes insulation products for the construction industry, has moved its logistics centre for its external wall insulation range to Burntwood Business Park.
You might have to put a radiator under the window to allow cold air from the external wall to mix with the warm air from the radiator.
The project has already included external wall insulation in Camp Hill and Hill Top.
If awarded the Government Green Deal funding will be used to fit external wall insulation om properties, which cannot cut fuel bills with usual cavity wall insulation.
The external wall is not insulated from the outside and gets colder.
Horrocks fits and supplies external wall insulation to the social housing and home building markets, with customers such as Laing O'Rourke, Wates Construction and Sir Alfred McAlpine.
The report is updated to combine the up-to-date development and trends with the latest data available on the external wall cladding market in the UK.

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