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For Caerphilly council, R&M Williams will be carrying out external work and refurbishments to 169 residential council homes.
External work continues on the cladding and masonry walls to make the building water tight.
The work can be classified into internal and external work.
Al-Sunni has referred to the role of CIPF in the field of people's diplomacy and external work, affirming the importance of cooperation between CIPF and the National Assembly in this field.
He said in a statement, read by the spokesman for the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Qassim Atta, today "there are agendas of both internal and external work to blow up the political process and its democratic path, especially in the matter of choosing the three presidencies.
NO PLACE ON EARTH TO HIDE Where ever you be he'll find you, There's no place on earth to hide, His external work is relentless, He has no respect for age, space or time He exists within a silent void, When he comes we do not know, From him no knock on the door.
The project included external work to two elevations of the 33-bedroom hotel to improve the look of the building.
Most of the external work is done, and construction will move inside the complex, set to be completed in December.
Combining the capabilities joins customers' "internal and external work flows into one integrated experience," said Vio General Manager David Jones.
After that, she concentrated her considerable energies on the reform movement, but her life was always characterized by a tension between her need for inner spirituality and the external work she was called on to perfor m.
com facilitates collaboration and communication among internal and external work teams, customers and business partners, resulting in increased productivity and competitiveness.
According to a Foreign Ministry statement today , the Iraqi delegation included representatives of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs , electricity, oil , finance, health , industry, minerals , agriculture, tourism and antiquities , science and technology in addition to the Central Bank , while the EU delegation included representatives of the external work management , trade , development , tax and customs and health.