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the European Community; see European UnionEuropean Union
(EU), name given since the ratification (Nov., 1993) of the Treaty of European Union, or Maastricht Treaty, to the European Community (EC), an economic and political confederation of European nations, and other organizations (with the same member nations)
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The country code for Ecuador.
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We present here an interesting case of an optochiasmatic tuberculoma and extracranial cervical lymphadenopathy which paradoxically developed during antituberculous drug therapy for CNS TB.
These will aid in the surgical management of both cranial and extracranial injuries.
6, respectively) than extracranial atherosclerosis-related stroke (ORs 6.
The advances that allow extracranial radiosurgery are very recent, and protocols to distinguish optimal dosing and clinical strategies are under way.
Angiography demonstrated dissection of the right extracranial ICA (Figure, right).
Ultrasonography: Overview; Noninvasive cerebrovascular studies of extracranial arteries; Peripheral Arterial Ultrasound Examination Using Pulsed Doppler; Peripheral Venous Ultrasound Examination; Thyroid and Parathyroid Ultrasonography; Transrectal ultrasound for prostate or rectal cancer - biopsy/staging; Pelvic Ultrasound in Females; Sonohysterosalpingraphy; Obstetrical Ultrasonography; Scrotal Ultrasonography; Retroperitoneal Ultrasonography; Developmental Hip Dysplasia Detection by Ultrasonography; Ultrasound of peripheral sites (tibia, phalanges) for the selection of patients for pharmacologic treatment of osteoporosis; Radiology guideline resources/web links;
Topics include pathology, therapeutic, complications, ischemia, aneurysms, portal hypertension, extracranial cerebrovascular disease, amputation, diagnostic labs, imaging and clotting.
Neuroblastoma is the most common extracranial childhood cancer and most common tumor occurring in infancy.
Evaluation of the effects of extracranial stenosis on intracranial hemodynamics.
a pioneer in the development of transcarotid therapies for intra and extracranial vascular diseases, announces the company has received Food & Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) clearance for its ENROUTE Transcarotid Neuroprotection System (NPS).
The topics include popliteal artery entrapment syndrome, extracranial vertebral artery stenosis, chronic mesenteric ischemia, vasculitides: Kawasaki disease, varicose veins, and lymphedema.
1,2) Solitary extracranial parotid cysticercosis is extremely rare, as only 1 case has been previously reported in the English-language literature.

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