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The eruption of lava from a vent in the earth.
The pouring out or eruption of a body fluid from its proper channel or vessel into the surrounding tissue.



the accumulation of blood that has flowed out of the blood vessels into the body cavities or surrounding tissues.

Extravasation may occur when the walls of the vessels are destroyed by a mechanical injury or a pathological process (for example, tumor). It may also occur through an uninjured wall, when the permeability of the wall is increased (for example, under the influence of certain chemical substances). The discharged blood may either permeate the tissues affected by the extravasation or form a circumscribed accumulation, called a hematoma. The significance of extravasation is determined by dimensions, rapidity of development, and site of formation. When the process is minor it is resorbed without treatment. If encapsulated or suppurative, it often requires special treatment. Because extravasation may lead to the destruction of tissue, it is especially dangerous in the brain (insult).

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Extravasation Resulting in Tissue Necrosis - Extravasation of YONDELIS, resulting in tissue necrosis requiring debridement, can occur.
Two main complications that can occur after contrast extravasation are skin necrosis and compartment syndrome.
Peri-pelvic urine extravasation usually results from a rupture of the calyceal fornix secondary to high intra-pelvic pressures.
The extravasation type is the most common mucocele, more common in children and young adults, with a peak in the second decade of life.
While hepatic contrast extravasation in a stable patient is typically treated with angioembolization, proximity to the gallbladder was concerning for gallbladder injury.
As such, sensation of pain and burning in oncology patients should be considered a reliable sign of extravasation even when good blood return is observed.
Postembolization left vertebral, left internal, and right common carotid artery angiography demonstrated complete occlusion of the fistula and cessation of contrast extravasation at the skull base.
We considered that extravasation of irrigation fluid had spread to compress the trachea in a circumferential manner.
Aside from that, a right occipital epidural hematoma and extensive subarachnoid extravasation was found, especially in the posterior cranial fossa (Figures 1, A and B, and 2).
Davis Medical Center, where Patricia was diagnosed with a severe extravasation of chemothercapy over the right shoulder and subclavian region.
In 2006 and 2008 the FDA issued statements about the risks associated with perivascular extravasation and inadvertent intra-arterial administration of this drug.