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fatigue or irritation of the eyes, resulting from excessive use, as from prolonged reading of small print, or uncorrected defects of vision



or asthenopia, a state characterized by a feeling of heaviness in the eyes, a dull pain in the forehead and temples (sometimes expressed as a headache), difficulty in working, diffuseness and indistinctness of previously distinct contours of objects (for example, letters in a text), and a need to close the eyes and rest them.

There are two types of eyestrain: accommodative and muscular. Accommodative eyestrain (overstrain of the accommodation muscle) develops primarily in young people suffering from hyperopia when there is need to study an object at close range for a long time. To avoid eyestrain the hyperopia must be corrected with eyeglasses, and the person must take periodic breaks from work and look into the distance. Analogous phenomena of eyestrain may be observed with uncorrected astigmatism of the eye.

Muscular eyestrain develops predominantly with uncorrected myopia and is caused by a relative weakness of the interior straight muscles of the eye, which effect convergence of the visual lines of both eyes on an observed object; upon closing one eye, all unpleasant sensations disappear. To pre-vent this form of eyestrain the myopia must be corrected, sometimes with the use of prismatic glasses (spheroprismatic lenses), and the person must take periodic breaks from work.


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The technology in Eyezen glasses supports the digitally connected lifestyle of the millennial generation -- a lifestyle they aren't willing to change -- by reducing eyestrain and exposure to harmful blue light," said Lauri Crawford, senior vice president of marketing, Essilor of America.
Apply the 20/20/20 rule, and look 20 feet away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes to help reduce the constant eyestrain associated with the close proximity of your computer monitor--and make an appointment to have your eyes checked if you haven't done so recently.
Individualize for comfortable reading Change the Font * Veranda is recommended Increase screen resolution & * The better the resolution the clearer the image * The larger the font size the easier to see Adjust contrast and * Not too bright and not too dim brightness Clean your screen * Keep free of fingerprints and dust Place document holders * Place at eye level Eyestrain Internal Symptoms (accommodative External Symptoms (dry eye, stress, convergence stress, or glare, up gaze, small font, uncorrected refractive error) flicker, or environmental factors) * Aches or pain felt inside the eye * Burning * Headache * Ocular dryness * Diplopia (double vision) * Irritation or tearing * Blurring * Strain
LG's New Full HD SMART Monitors Easier on the EyesNew W53 Series minimizes eyestrain with precise, automatic brightness control
Because of this, LG's W53 Smart monitors are packed with the world's first full suite of intelligent features that optimize the screen's brightness to reduce eyestrain.
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