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(graphics, tool)
(Easy drawing) A graphics server that sits between an application program and an X server and allows both existing and new programs easy access to structured graphics. Ezd users have been able to have their programs produce interactive drawings within hours of reading the manual page. Ezd supports structured graphics - application defined graphical objects are ordered into drawings by the application. Unlike most X tools, ezd does not require any event handling by the application. The ezd server maintains the window contents. When an event occurs an application supplied Scheme expression is evaluated.

Latest version: 15mar93 (as of 1993-03-10).


Contact: Joel Bartlett.
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Through a review of the Canadian regulatory and policy frameworks for infectious disease control and wildlife management, this paper identifies a number of systemic and structural problems that impair the government's ability to address EZD threats.
Country: Cyprus, UKSector: IT/Online ServicesTarget: EZD Limited, Cupid's casual dating business, Yarra LimitedBuyer: Grendall Investment LimitedVendor: Cupid plcDeal size in USD: 65.
risk platform is to enable EZD operations to monitor and supervise the performance of the sales and delivery processes to ensure compliance and provide visibility on the status to financial partners," said Malcolm Fleet, head of operational management
In Q3 2006, Savvion secured new customer EZD Global, a financial logistics company based in Europe, and added Korea Investment & Securities Co.
And software together with licenses and the provision of services warranty for system Electronic Records Management EZD.
Tenders are invited for Heavy duty non-stick ezd three ring view binder with 1 1/2" capacity.
Available worldwide through the Eaton distribution channel, the EZ500, EZ700, EZ800, and EZD Intelligent Relay products provide basic functions that users could only implement previously with individually installed and wired devices.
Tenders are invited for Adding machine & calculator rolls 2 1/4"; binder, heavy-duty one touch EZD view binder - 1" black; file sorter & letter tray-double tray with sorter; box, file storage.
Contract award: Execution modules, reports and records to EZD ACS, services ePUAP and conducting training under the OPIE project.
Contract notice: Delivery of hardware and software and installation on the need to maintain the system EZD ACS OPIE project.
Contract notice: Execution modules, reports and records to ezd acs, epuap services and conducting training under the opie project.