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(graphics, tool)
(Easy drawing) A graphics server that sits between an application program and an X server and allows both existing and new programs easy access to structured graphics. Ezd users have been able to have their programs produce interactive drawings within hours of reading the manual page. Ezd supports structured graphics - application defined graphical objects are ordered into drawings by the application. Unlike most X tools, ezd does not require any event handling by the application. The ezd server maintains the window contents. When an event occurs an application supplied Scheme expression is evaluated.

Latest version: 15mar93 (as of 1993-03-10).


Contact: Joel Bartlett.
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83 1010 1049 0000 3913 9120 0000, quoting "supply of hardware and software and installation on the need to maintain the system EZD ACS OPIE project ".
A key advantage of our EZR and EZD modules is their ability to support a variety of adhesive materials, which in turn, provides our customers with increased flexibility during thin wafer processing.
risk platform is to enable EZD operations to monitor and supervise the performance of the sales and delivery processes to ensure compliance and provide visibility on the status to financial partners," said Malcolm Fleet, head of operational management
We are pleased EZD Global turned to Savvion for its business process management needs with the ultimate goal being to better manage relationships with vendors and suppliers, and speed supply chain management.
the contract is for the organization of technical and logistic service consultation meetings on ezd acs project "development and dissemination of electronic government services through the development of a single electronic document management system (ezd) and the provision and implementation of unique services in government administration offices republic" financed by the innovative economy operational programme 2007-2013.
The contract, carried out under the project "eoffice marshal lodz region - phase i", co-financed by the european union from the european regional development fund under the regional operational programme for 2007-2013 lodz is the supply and installation of ict infrastructure necessary for the implementation of the project, the elements of the electronic archive and delivery and implementation of elements ezd marshal~s office of the lodz region.
Available worldwide through the Eaton distribution channel, the EZ500, EZ700, EZ800, and EZD Intelligent Relay products provide basic functions that users could only implement previously with individually installed and wired devices.
As the name suggests, the EZ and EZD intelligent relays provide user-friendly operation and programming.
Contract notice: A lump-sum fixed-rate contract for municipality of wastewater treatment plants to supply the necessary capacity and efficiency of construction and planning tasks in the development of wastewater collection and treatment Ezd city development keop-1.