face edge

work edge, face edge, working edge

In carpentry, the first edge to be planed smooth; the edge from which other edges are measured or trued.
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Except for the rounded face edge, fold the V inch edging of felt over the stiffener and laminate it as in Photo D.
They are sealed with an O-ring on the periphery and not on the face edge of the glass.
This is a valuable hint for us when proposing a Line Edge Map (LEM) approach (27) which extracts lines from a face edge map as features.
At University level Liverpool face Leeds Metropolitan at Wyncote, while Chester face Edge Hill.
StructurALL bimetal bandsaw blades are said to be strong and highly durable because they incorporate reinforcing metal behind the face edge of their teeth.
Newly designed StructurAll bi-metal saw blades from DoALL are said to be stronger and have greater durability because they incorporate reinforcing metal behind the face edge of their teeth.
Screw withdrawal (N) Reference Panel Face Edge ANSI A208.
2 A PB Screw-holding Thickness swell species type Face Edge 2-hr.
The other, slightly shorter and more flared, has more developed features, including hammered face edges and "rain pattern" decoration from the butt to the blade end.
For generating the strings, the vertex points of front face edges of the rough machined feature and the final feature are transposed and connected to form a closed figure as shown Fig.
Visualization and production capabilities, such as edge highlighting, a whole new shading mode that is said to quickly reveal where a shape abruptly dips below the surface, thus helping users manage shapes with indentations that were previously difficult to detect without rotating the shape or interrupting work flow; a new modeling capability that extends multiple face edges in one command for quicker design development; a new shaded echoing capability that displays a shaded Gaussian view of the geometry throughout the process; a new Clone command, which is said to duplicate multiple inter-related components and automatically provide hard links (whereby parts to be cloned can be sourced from different files, multiple models, and multiple CAM plans, VX Corp.