face weight

carpet face weight

The weight of carpet pile; in the US usually expressed in ounces per square yard of pile.
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The study confirmed that "individuals who are overweight face weight bias and discrimination at every stage of the employment procedure and across evaluative outcomes including hiring, promotions and compensation.
And she knows very little about various yarn fibers, dyes, yarn count, face weight, point count, knot count, etc.
At some airports, effects of future climate change could as much as triple the number of days when planes face weight restrictions, Ethan Coffel of Columbia University said January 8.
Games might be designed specifically for physical education classes or tailored to reach particular ethnic groups currently more likely to face weight challenges.
A Harvard researcher found that infants who gain weight quickly early in life face weight problems by the time they're toddlers.
Some designers are concerned that the low face weight on some modular carpet tiles (15 to 22 ounces) means that these carpets won't last.
When choosing a polyester product, consider one with a higher face weight than a comparable nylon.
Whereas one of our better known competitors has a face weight of 33 to a 36-ounces, typically, and another product that is a 28, our product has a face weight of 51 ounces.
Body weight fluctuates, and since dancers might face weight issues at some point in their training or careers, experts say they need to be taught how to lose or gain weight healthfully and not be badgered about their size.