faceted glass

chunk glass

A piece of glass of unusual thickness; many times thicker than ordinary glass.
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Floral-print glass jewellery box, PS12; silver bird object, PS6; frosted purple glass vase, PS12; faceted glass votive, PS2; dark orchid pack of three pomanders, PS5; faceted glass with nickle edge lantern tall, PS15; dark orchid large pillar candle, PS8; lavender and geranium diffuser, PS10; floral-print frame 5x7, PS8; dark orchid candle, PS8; dark orchid trinket jar candle large, PS4; square mercury glass bottle small, PS6; floral- print cushion 50x50, PS15; purple floral embroidered cushion 50x50, PS15; round button cushions, PS8 each; watercolour effect floral pillar candle, PS4; square mercury glass bottle large, PS10.
Pier 1's peacock-inspired tree skirt anchors a collection of vibrant ornaments in faceted glass, sequins or feathers.
The tower features a faceted glass body tapering towards its summit.
She is wearing a series of necklaces that are made of shell disks and decorated with various faceted glass and round brass beads and elk teeth.
This faceted glass building is the sculptural icon of the Commercial Complex, creating a complementary building edge for the buildings across the lake while maintaining the visual prominence and importance of the Opera House.
Taking inspiration from the late Elizabeth Taylor, jewels stand out with textural combinations of faceted glass crystals with natural grosgrain.
Or go for the White Company''s silver trimmed lamps, which start from pounds 30, or its faceted glass optic tealight holders, from pounds 18.
II First put the lights on the tree, preferably faceted glass bulbs, and illuminate it from the inside out, stringing the lights around the trunk and the branches from the base of the trunk and working up.
The print ad, shot by the renowned Mert and Marcus, features a stunning Kate Moss inside a 6ft replica of the Vintage faceted glass bottle, conveying pure confidence and feminine sensuality.
Over the round lacquered soft-contemporary dining table and chairs, a glittering Niermann-Weeks chandelier shoots sparks from its faceted glass plumes.
The company, now co-directed by his son Tim, specializes in original, custom-stained, leaded and faceted glass.
Almost complete are 13 installations of faceted glass by different artists at stations in the Bronx, and Andrea Dezso's glass mosaic botanical fantasy at Bedford Park Boulevard station.