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, facia
1. the flat surface above a shop window
2. Architect a flat band or surface, esp a part of an architrave or cornice
3. Anatomy fibrous connective tissue occurring in sheets beneath the surface of the skin and between muscles and groups of muscles
4. Biology a distinctive band of colour, as on an insect or plant
5. Brit a less common name for dashboard

fascia, facia

1. Any flat horizontal member or molding with little projection, as the bands into which the architraves of Ionic and Corinthian entablatures are divided.
2. Any relatively narrow vertical surface (but broader than a fillet) which is projected or cantilevered or supported on columns or element other than a wall below. Also see platband.
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Gross vertical deflection of the ridge beam at midspan relative to the end sills--when the frame was configured without king posts and without facia boards under a load of 500 pounds/cylinder (2,500 lb total)--was 1.
The false facia was examined and found to contain an electronic card reader and memory recording for retaining the details of bank cards.
The main controls are all within a finger's reach of the steering wheel and the major secondary controls are under the facia.
Nobody," which Facia wrote at the age of thirteen, has a cool pop/soul romantic vibe with lyrics wise beyond her years.
Tenders are invited for Ar And Mo Naa Complex At Old Jnu Campus New Delhi During 2015 16 Sh Providing Tiles On Seminar Hall Facia At Window Sills And Providing Pipe Line For Condensed Water Of Ac Unit At Facia Of Admin Block In Istm.
Another product is facia stones The stones can be delivered with a rough finish or polished.
They are The Boondooglers, Solway, The Rigg, Facia, Streamline, The Proof, Suzi Won, Verity Burton, Stone Free, The Wires, Get Vegas, The Colt 45s, The Briganties, My Last Try, Abduction of Margaret, The 27 Club, Show Off Summer, Ryan Is Fun, Green Light Go and Fuzzbox Interface.
But it's easy to find facia plate adaptors - plastic panels which fill the gap left by the old stereo and have a slot for a standard replacement.
Officers went to the hotel and seized high-tech equipment from the hotel and a car, including computers, cameras, tape recorders, radio transmitters and a false facia of a cash dispensing machine.
THIEVES conned shoppers by sticking a fake facia on the front of a real cashpoint machine.
For 2003, the range can be tailored with a choice of six different leather interiors, 11 paint colours, four stylish facia panels and two roof colours.
Other "special" features included a padded facia panel with a rev counter, a leather-covered steering wheel and new "breathable" upholstery trim.

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