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involuntary rigid muscle contraction, often persistent and often accompanied by pain. It usually has some underlying physical cause such as disease, strain, or injury to the muscle or nearby tissues, impairment of circulation, or a disturbance of body chemistry.
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an involuntary muscular contraction; a form of hyperkinesia. A tic may be related to the effect of encephalitis on parts of the brain; it may be a congenital pathological condition, frequently associated with a neuropathic personality; it may appear with attacks of trigeminal neuralgia (tic douloureux); or it may result from neuritis of the facial nerve. A distinction is made between generalized tics, involving all the muscles, and local tics, which are more common. The muscles usually affected are those of the face and neck. The twitching resembles such voluntary movements as winking, frowning, lip-smacking, or lip-licking. Tics generally disappear during sleep and become more severe under emotional stress. Treatment consists of the administration of sedatives, tranquilizers, and anticonvulsants.


spasmodic twitching of a particular group of muscles


(Token Ring Interface Card) A TLA for a Token Ring NIC (network interface card).
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In fact, the only surviving element of his severe childhood facial tic was a telltale twitching of the nose that was always triggered by the need to refrain from speaking his mind so as not to wound another person.
The resulting brain damage leaves him with a persistent facial tic and little memory of his past.
I was one facial tic away from a breakdown, so I switched off.
has demonstrated facial tics and long pauses as she searches for words.
Though Callie intrigues him, Jinsong initially struggles with their friendship, as Callie's unusual manner of dress and facial tics make her the target of ridicule from classmates.
Phil" appearance, telling the publication that he noticed strange "language being used as well as facial tics and features.
Involuntary facial tics including eye blinks, nose twitches, and grimaces
Kicking it up a few notches, he's also saddled him with facial tics and, more sympathetically, a tendency to bury his face in his hands.
For thousands of soldiers, the fear and paranoia brought on by mass, mechanized killing led to shell shock: paranoia, hysterical crying, terrible nightmares, mutism, fatigue, facial tics, and tremors.
Grant coasts on his usual facial tics - doing that thing with his eyebrows in almost every scene - but he's affable company and utterly believable as the jaded has-been now seeking solace in booze and younger women.
That your facial tics, pauses, frozen face or breathless repeating of the first syllable will either inspire mirth or pity, but always a guaranteed awkwardness.
Yet despite the medias boilerplate argument that abortion is regrettable but necessary in a society now convinced that sexual self-control causes facial tics and deep psychological problems, what they don' t seem to understand is that they too have been victimized by all the lies and perverted notions of the so-called "sexual freedoms" that are part of the routine leftist indoctrination that passes for education at today' s mainstream universities.