facing tile

structural clay tile

structural clay tile units
A hollow masonry building unit composed of burnt clay, shale, fireclay, or mixtures thereof, having parallel cells or cores (or both) within a single tile.
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Tenders are invited for The renovation of the serving kitchens at two existing elementary schools including, but not limited to excavation, changes to existing concrete slabs-on-grade, changes to existing concrete masonry and structural glazed facing tile, doors, hardware, and commercial kitchen equipment.
The scope of work includes selective demolition, miscellaneous concrete, unit masonry, structural glazed facing tile, steel lintels, steel decking, cold-formed metal framing, pipe railings, misc.
Tenders are invited for Providing granite flooring lor reception, lounge and dining area and vitrified tile flooring for room area and Guest House, at SERC-TTRS, Tirusulam, Chennai-600 043, Repainting die walls, cleaning and applying protective coat to the facing tiles at Guest House, at SERC-TTRS, Tirusulam, Chennai-600 043.
Muhammetnurov of Derya Plastic, speaking on behalf of Ahal province -- in Goekdepe district a plant for facing tiles and stones with annual capacity 50000 square meters, a plant for production of alcohol in Baharly district with annual capacity of 12000 tons, a plant in Goekdepe district with annual capacity for 50000 tons of wheat flour and 36000 tons of pasta
Mass losses at heating of raw compositions for interior wall facing tiles were determined using a device of combined thermogravimetric analysis and differential scanning calorimetry TGA/DSC1 by company METTLER TOLEDO (Switzerland) in the temperature range 20-1100[degrees]C at a climb rate--10[degrees]C/min.