factory-built house

prefabricated house

A house assembled from components cut to size at a factory, or assembled from building modules shipped to the construction site.
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THE factory-built house featured in the Gazette (04.
As Sunset wrote in 1978, "The factory-built house has been a dream about to come true every year since the end of World War II.
I'm sure that Horden will be pleased to find himself in such distinguished company, but the brief mention of technology transfer denies the importance of Konrad Wachsrnann and Gropius who, along with their dream of the factory-built house, are not included.
A manufactured home (MH), with an average price of $35,000 is an affordable single-family, factory-built house.
Because factory-built houses are built all or partly within factory walls, construction continues year-round.
FACTORY-built houses using technology devised at Warwick University have gone on the market.
Homestar Homes are factory-built houses that are engineered and constructed to the same International Residential Building (IRC) codes required of site-built homes.
House builders are slowly moving towards factory-built houses and we intend to take Dale Joinery towards that method of operating.