failure load

breaking load, failure load, fracture load, ultimate load

The load which, if placed upon a structure or test piece, is just great enough to break it.
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The failure load and method of tendon failure were recorded for each specimen.
However, distinct performance differences were observed from repeatability, drop test, and failure load analysis.
Hence, in the present study, the effort is focused on determining the effect of rivet head height on the mechanical properties of a lap shear joint configuration, including the quasi-static failure load and fatigue performance of SPR joints in dissimilar CFRP to AA6111.
Failure load and failure modes were also predicted by using truss analogy approach, debonding criteria was proposed by incorporating interfacial shear strength and verified with experimental observations.
The data shows a substantial drop in failure load for the ASLG as a result of the cleaning treatment and a modest drop in failure load for the GGfA glass.
Several experimental methods are employed to analyze the load application mode on the tooth and involve generating stress, failure mode, and failure load.
In the failure load stage, it seems appropriate, for strength predictions, the assumption of a constant average stress around control perimeters, as considered by ACI and EC2, although failure surface in tests where the load was close to the support were asymmetrical.
After curing period of about three days, in order to know about the failure load and failure mode in flexure strengthened masonry beams were tested in flexure (two point loading).
UCS was calculated by noting the failure load, cross sectional area of the specimen by using the following relation:
At 6 weeks after surgery, there was a significantly lower failure load in the celecoxib group than in the control group ( P = 0.
Effects of glass-fiber composite, dowel, and minifix fasteners on the failure load of corner joints in particleboard case-type furniture.
Failure load and optimum dowel spacing of joints, which are reinforced with glass-fibre fabric, are investigated by Yerlikaya [11, 12].

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