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The exceptional flexibility, operating economy and comfort of Falcon business jets make them ideal in a country of continental proportions dotted with small hard to reach airfields.
The GPS location for each falcon is recorded to evaluate the scientific data after the release.
Two or three days each week, Suffredini, 30, positions himself upwind from the landfill with four falcons and sends them one at a time after the scavenging gulls.
The Falcon solution uses a combination of sophisticated neural network models, patented account profiling technologies, case management and flexible, user-definable intelligent rules to analyze payment card transactions for the most subtle signs of fraud.
A Turkish company was also among the very first to order Dassault's new Falcon 5X very large body twinjet, unveiled last October.
It's way more than a hobby,'' said Guenther, who frequently can be seen at dawn releasing his falcon over fields in Camarillo or in the flatlands of Lancaster.
Customers are increasingly demanding new entertainment choices at competitive prices, and Falcon has the network to offer it all.
Most of the new orders are for the Falcon 7X with a current backlog of 20 of the tri-jets to be delivered to Chinese customers in the coming years.
The Falcon 900 features a comfortable cabin width of seven feet eight inches and a cabin height of six feet two inches.
The Falcons have two healthy running backs: Byron Hanspard, who missed last season with a serious left-knee injury, and Ken Oxendine, who did not dress for the first two games.
We believe strongly in the value and effectiveness of this program and wish to have all our Falcon 900 and Falcon 2000 operators experience its numerous benefits," said Jacques Chauvet, Senior Vice President of Customer Service for Dassault Falcon.
The North American market accounts for 50 per cent of the company's civilian sales, and Dassault Aviation is one of the rare French companies with a strong American presence, through its Dassault Falcon Jet subsidiary, now thirty years old.