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1. a rootstock or base of a plant, usually a woody plant, from which shoots, etc., are produced
2. a cluster of shoots growing from such a base
3. Chiefly US a decoy used in hunting
4. waste matter evacuated from the bowels
5. (in W Africa, esp Ghana) a chief's throne


The flat piece upon which a window closes, corresponding to the sill of a door.

packing piece, stool

A block which is used to raise one or more members above others.


1. The flat piece upon which a window shuts down, corresponding to the sill of a door.
2. A narrow shelf fitted across the lower part of the inside of a window opening; butts against the sill.
4. Same as packing piece.
5. A framed support.
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Estuary water also falls between two stools, being a mixture of fresh river water and brine.
THIS book falls between two stools - too ambitious for women who just want to know the basics, such as keeping their oil, water and battery topped up, and too patronisingly simple for those who are genuinely mechanically minded.
In certain instances, this is the book's weakness in that it falls between two stools, being truly neither one nor the other.
CONCLUSION: 'Private View' falls between two stools as it is neither a novelty humour title, nor a serious examination of the great artists of history - although at times it reads like one.
It actually falls between two stools - the small family runaround and the city slicker - either way you are on to a winner.
At such moments this short book reads more like a self-help manual for aspiring dramatists than a critical study, and is blighted by the timidity of a project that falls between two stools.
Fenn falls between two stools at the moment because he is on the fringe of the first-team but too good for the reserves, so he is not getting enough games at the moment.