false door

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false door, blind door

The representation of a door, inserted to complete a series of doors or to give symmetry; a blank door.
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CUTLINE: (1) At the Asa Waters mansion, a false door in the main entryway, which opens to the back of the grand spiral staircase, contains a rough ladder nailed to the wall.
The colors of the false door are fresh as if it was painted yesterday," Karar told reporters.
A single shaft from the surface led down to the father's tomb, from which a side passage led to that of the son, with the false door with paintings of Khonsu in front of an offering table.
The door, known as a false door, was meant to be a threshold that allowed the deceased and his wife to interact with the world of the living.
Move the door jamb up and make the passage wider," read an inscription on a decorative false door in the passage.
Set designers had created a false door of thin wood fearing the actor would not be able to break it, but his powerful technique shattered it into tiny pieces so a real door was eventually used.
CAIRO: A large red granite false door from the tomb of an ancient queen's powerful vizier has been discovered in Luxor, Egypt's culture minister said on Monday.
Over 100 works from the Residenzgalerie's collection are presented, ranging from Egyptian false doors to contemporary art.
The cigarettes were hidden in a 20ft cargo container carrying boxes of false doors, which concealed the counterfeit Lambert and Butler cigarettes.
They just had time to duck behind some boxes on either side of the false doors, where they could hear, but not see, the newcomer.
On the set of the house, there are a lot of false doors and back staircases for the lighting guys.
To hide from his own shadow, and rush, head lowered, into the snare of false perspectives, into the fearful trap of multiplying false doors set in a confusing succession of streets.