false plate

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wall plate

wall plate, 1
A horizontal member (such as a timber) across a timber-framed, masonry, or concrete wall to carry and distribute the load imposed by members that support the roof.
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DUBAI -- Cases of drivers tampering number plates to avoid paying fines are on the rise in Dubai with police issuing alerts for 1,158 vehicles with such false plates.
Police seized three pistols, a stolen car with false plates and bomb making equipment and manuals during the raid in Montauriol.
And when they searched his lorry, which had false plates, they found 1.
But he told the jury he had left gloves inside a car matching the raider's stolen Citroen when he was paid weeks before the ambush to fit it with false plates.
20pm yesterday (March 7) spotted a suspected stolen Ford Fiesta in Selbourne Road, Dixons Green, being driven on false plates.
The car had been fitted with false plates for the raid.
They even managed to detect a partial registration number under false plates on the getaway car which helped gardai arrest a suspect.
His vehicle was stopped by police in Shipley and was registered as off the road and fitted with false plates.
Had the Audi been burned out as was the plan, it would have been very difficult, if not impossible, to trace its route as the other false plates inside the vehicle would have been destroyed.
Interviewed, Jones made a full admission and said that he fitted false plates some time previously and had no insurance.
We have established the owner of the car and the individual whose registration was on the false plates are both entirely innocent.
Police say it had been professionally cloned and had false plates, false identity papers and a vehicle identification number linked to another vehicle on the road.