False Report

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False Report


under Soviet criminal law, knowingly giving false information to an agency or to an official authorized to institute proceedings either about the commission of a crime that did not occur or about the commission of a crime by a person who did not commit the crime. Under the laws of a number of Union republics, for a false report to constitute a crime, the naming of a certain person is mandatory (for example, art. 160, Criminal Code of the Uzbek SSR; art. 188, Criminal Code of the Lithuanian SSR; art. 195, Criminal Code of the Moldavian SSR; and art. 186, Criminal Code of the Kazakh SSR). In making a false report orally or in writing, the informer may act only with express intent, that is, knowing that the reported information is false.

Knowingly making a false report is punishable by deprivation of freedom for a term not exceeding two years or correctional tasks for a term not exceeding one year. In case of aggravating circumstances, the same actions are punishable by deprivation of freedom for a term of two to seven years (for example, art. 180, Criminal Code of the RSFSR). Aggravating circumstances include an accusation of an especially dangerous crime against the state or any other grave crime; artificially creating proof of the accusation (for example, submission of forged documents); or mercenary purpose (for example, to obtain the property of the convicted). All citizens 16 years of age or older are held criminally responsible for making reports known to be false.

A citizen’s bona fide error concerning the truth of information he is reporting, as well as a groundless complaint against a supposedly criminal violation of the law submitted to competent agencies and officials, does not constitute the crime of false report.

A knowingly false report as a form of crime is provided for by the legislation of foreign socialist states (for example, the German Democratic Republic and Poland). This form of crime is also known in the legislation of bourgeois states.


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He said the false report caused problems with his business.
This should not have happened,'' a Hitachi official said in reference to the false report.
Mendoza faces up to 10 years in prison for making a false report of a terrorist act.
The officers, who were responding to a false report of a man with a gun, found the pair having sex and threw them in jail, where they spent a night before posting bail.
We can start by reminding ourselves that Drudge quickly retracted his false report and apologized for it - more than once, as it happens.
Israeli officials nevertheless were divided as to whether they should first test Egyptian resolve with an attempt to sail an Israeli ship through the Straits, and then attack the moment Egyptian batteries opened fire, or whether they should simply make a false report of an Egyptian attack and then launch a devastating surprise attack of their own.
The changes included assault with a deadly weapon, excessive use of force under color of authority, filing a false report and acting as an accessory after the fact.
A California man, who claimed detectives assaulted him during an interview at the Lane County Jail last month, has been found guilty of attempted coercion and initiating a false report after surveillance video in the holding cell showed the man punching himself in the face numerous times.
The Coalition for Democracy and Civil Society urged President Almazbek Atambayev to veto the draft law criminalizing false report in media.
The White House was forced to release a statement assuring that President Barack Obama is unharmed following a false report from the Associated Press twitter feed which indicated explosions at the presidential residence had injured the chief executive.
Analysis of the phones confirmed the detective's suspicions that the pair were making a false report and the two were cautioned.
Presiding Judge Abdullah Al Salami found the convict, an Asian who worked at the same hotel, guilty of lodging a false report and disturbing the public order.