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1. (esp of plants) superficially resembling the species specified
2. Music
a. (of a note, interval, etc.) out of tune
b. (of the interval of a perfect fourth or fifth) decreased by a semitone
c. (of a cadence) interrupted or imperfect


Nonfunctional architectural element; such as a false arch, false attic, false front, false window.


A small, compiled extensible language with lambda abstractions by W. van Oortmerssen.

For Amiga.
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In a manner consistent with earlier pronouncements, however, Ligon also concluded that Indians were "much craftier, and subtiler then the Negroes; and in their nature falser.
No summary could be falser, according to Barzun, because Erasmus was a courageous, independent fighter, as easily roused to anger--if anger is a revolutionary virtue--as Luther himself.
The Prologue explains that the audience will witness the births and deaths of two comedies, then hastens to assure them: "But don't be afraid, Milady Comedy Cortigiana is falser ['contrafatta'] than the chimera:' Drama makes love to an audience with the expectation of payment, either in admission fee or, at the time Aretino wrote, in patronage.