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1. (esp of plants) superficially resembling the species specified
2. Music
a. (of a note, interval, etc.) out of tune
b. (of the interval of a perfect fourth or fifth) decreased by a semitone
c. (of a cadence) interrupted or imperfect


Nonfunctional architectural element; such as a false arch, false attic, false front, false window.


A small, compiled extensible language with lambda abstractions by W. van Oortmerssen.

For Amiga.
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The minister said that leaders had promised the masses during election which would be fulfilled at all costs, adding that effective efforts are being made to provide basic falsities to the masses.
All the other wars were premised on falsities concocted - and propagated - by the political-administrative class.
I refuse to believe these falsities and will continue to give my support to Rep.