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1. (esp of plants) superficially resembling the species specified
2. Music
a. (of a note, interval, etc.) out of tune
b. (of the interval of a perfect fourth or fifth) decreased by a semitone
c. (of a cadence) interrupted or imperfect


Nonfunctional architectural element; such as a false arch, false attic, false front, false window.


A small, compiled extensible language with lambda abstractions by W. van Oortmerssen.

For Amiga.
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59) However, proving knowledge of falsity is difficult
12) While he presents no account of truth, he posits a distinction between formal and material falsity, telling us that formal falsity pertains to judgments while material falsity pertains to ideas, but his account of material falsity is, at best, obscure.
In this world up is down, black is white, truth is falsity.
It is also the Classical or Boolean Logic, which has two symbol-values: truth T and falsity F.
Falsity of Nuclear Accusation against Iraq Was Known before Bush's Invasion As we approach the ten year anniversary of the launching of George W.
To my mind, however, Weir's argument in Chapter 5 (to the effect that applied mathematical theories are free of ontological commitments to abstract entities) works only if such theories are made true or false by a combination of the world and concrete proof tokens--that is, if mathematical truth and falsity genuinely "bottom out" in concrete proof or refutability.
At worst they may be deceived or misled, and often they will be unsure how to assess the truth or falsity, the importance or triviality.
3) Scienter as to the falsity of the representation at the time it was made, which may be satisfied with proof either that the speaker
Intelligence Minister Heydar Moslehi's trip to Saudi Arabia last week was in part to convince the Saudis of the falsity of charges that Iran sought to kill the Saudi ambassador in Washington.
When, under the rule of King Henry VIII, England increased its encroachments into Irish land and its destruction of Irish culture, Ireland's poets responded by warning, in verse, of English falsity and ill intent, and portraying new colonial relationships as shameful and emasculating.
Geagea said, "The victory that has been achieved is not just a victory for the students, but against the backdrop of allegations from the other side [these] victories in the student elections show the falsity of their claims.
Its truth links to its falsity and its falsity links to its truth.