family of origin

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family of origin



the NUCLEAR, or EXTENDED FAMILY within which a person was raised. As a chief agent of SOCIALIZATION, the family of origin provides the social, cultural and linguistic background with which the person may continue to identify and be influenced by throughout life.
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Critique: An extraordinary work of seminal scholarship, "Exploring and Developing the Use of Art-Based Genograms in Family of Origin Therapy" is impressively well written, organized and presented.
The benefits created by external courtships are also magnified because of the possibility of removal from the family of origin.
It thus follows that since early life experiences in the family appear to influence social and emotional health later in life and social and emotional health appear to be essential components of teacher quality (Jennings & Greenberg, 2009), a systematic exploration of family of origin variables, such as interaction patterns and alcohol use, may provide insights for teacher educators as they strive to continuously improve programming.
Thus, one individual characteristic to consider when providing clinical services is the SES of family of origin.
Literature provided support for multigenerational effects of violence and women who have already been exposed to violent behaviors in their family of origin very commonly perceive spousal aggression as a normal part of marital life.
This study describes the work and career experiences of adult women whose parents lack any formal education beyond high school and explores the influence of family of origin on those experiences.
Models of family therapy covered are communications/humanistic, family of origin, structural, strategic, solution-focused, cognitive-behavioral, and narrative.
Searching in particular for intergenerational transmission from family of origin I further identify values, family practices, and work-family adaptations, rather than focusing on fathering in isolation.
This study investigated the interrelationships between perceptions of religious dysfunctional perfectionism (RDP) and family of origin qualities in a sample of religiously active Australian first-year Psychology students at the University of Sydney.
Family of Origin Addiction Patterns Amongst Counseling and Psychology Students
This brief five page essay frames the author's family of origin and implores people to slice and dice Native culture differently.
According to Texans Care, 91 percent of the time when children are reunited with their family of origin there is not a recurrence of abuse or neglect within the first 12 months.

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