family of origin

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family of origin



the NUCLEAR, or EXTENDED FAMILY within which a person was raised. As a chief agent of SOCIALIZATION, the family of origin provides the social, cultural and linguistic background with which the person may continue to identify and be influenced by throughout life.
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When talking of his identification with his father, Anders emphasizes the sharing of traditionally masculine interests and activities, and he does not, like Knut, refer to his father's nontraditional attitudes or the egalitarian pattern of domestic work in his family of origin.
The role of family of origin dynamics may prove to be important in this process, not merely as a possible source of rules and expectations, but also associated with the formation of unhelpful concepts of God that make it difficult to evaluate rules and expectations.
Although family contact may not be possible or appropriate for many units and children, in this study the circumstances appeared to vary, and many children were visited by or spent brief periods with their family of origin or extended family.
2004) collected newlywed spouses' retrospective reports on parental divorce and conflict in the family of origin, and prospective data on their marital outcomes four years later.
Since Samir's mother was divorced, she lived with her family of origin far away; his father lived in a distant big Jewish town.
In conclusion, the findings from this study are a first step to show that family of origin closeness has both a linear and a curvilinear association with expectant fathers' attitudes about father involvement.
In other words, the children of alcoholics, conceptualized as tools lacking in key elements of humanity (Crespi, 1990), often play out roles within the family of origin that serve the needs of the family but have the potential to disrupt their own functioning as adults.
Adolescents are faced with the need to individuate, or separate, from the family of origin in order to establish the mature identity and capacity for intimacy necessary to assume adult roles and responsibilities (Allison & Sabatelli, 1988).
She also uses the concept of open and closed families to describe the family of origin.
The volume also encompasses a wider variety of family therapy orientations, including strategic, behavioral, family of origin, solution focused, and narrative.
Eventually it comes down to choices in time between your family of origin and your husband or wife.
Maybe their family of origin was (or is) disappointing, maybe their current family is in crisis, or maybe it is the longing for meaning and significance that we all have buried in our souls.

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