fan-powered terminal

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fan-powered terminal (FPT), fan-powered box

In an air-conditioning system, a variable air valve with an auxiliary fan to mix induced air from a ceiling plenum with the primary air.
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7 template for fan-powered terminal units (also called powered induction units in EnergyPlus) found in the EnergyPlus Input Output Reference (8) describes all the inputs used to model a parallel or series FPTU.
Starting with ASHRAE Research Project RP-1292 in 2003 (ASHRAE 2007), there has been a continuing addition to the literature of analytical, experimental, and modeling results on series and parallel fan-powered terminal units (FTPUs).
Modeling the performance of ECM and SCR parallel fan-powered terminal units in single-duct VAV systems.
A simplified model of the fan/motor performance of fan-powered terminal units that use electronically commutated motors.
Characterizing airflow and power of VAV series fan-powered terminal units from component data-Part I.
For example, EnergyPlus was limited to the modeling of a fixed airflow fan/motor in the fan-powered terminal unit and did not allow modulating the terminal unit fan to meet varying zone loads.
2015b) analyzed 36 fan-powered terminal units (FPTUs) from four manufacturers that used electronically commutated motors (ECMs) to drive the fans in the FPTUs.
These systems and components include fan coils, both refrigerant and electric, parallel fan-powered terminals and small circulating pumps.
Performance of VAV fan-powered terminal units: Experimental setup and methodology (RP-1292).
Because the central system fan needs only to move the air to the VAV inlet, a series fan-powered terminal unit operates with a lower inlet duct static pressure than that of a parallel unit.
Having already been used in a number of projects, including the Pentagon, a variant of the series fan-powered terminal unit has been able to effectively provide control of dynamic ventilation requirements while offering additional energy savings.
Terminal units using fans to regulate airflow are called fan-powered terminal units (FPTUs).